long-short activities for preschool

Simple Ways to Teach Kindergarten Kids the Concepts of “Long” And “Short”

Sometimes, it can get a bit difficult to teach kindergarten kids about the concepts of “long” and “short” or, more precisely, the concept of length comparisons. The reason is the abstract nature of both these terms. The understanding of the Read more

addition worksheets

How do worksheets help children to learn the concept of addition?

Can you even imagine your life without a simple concept of addition? So, the answer to this can be no because this easy concept will make their children’s life very easy in the long run. In schools, children are taught Read more

what comes before for kindergarten

Easy Way of Teaching Numbers to Kindergarten Kids

Just like alphabets, it is important to teach numbers to kids. Various activities can help parents in teaching their kids numbers up to 10 and improve their counting skills. Counting numbers is a basic math skill that helps your child Read more

subtraction worksheets

Understand the Concept of Subtraction

Right from the starting days of the studies, it is very important to make the concept of mathematics crystal clear  to kids. So, it can help them in the future. One of the most important concepts of mathematics is subtraction. Read more

vegetable name learning for kindergarten

Teach vegetable names to kids with simple activities and games

For every parent, one of the challenging tasks is to teach vegetable names to their toddlers. There are simple ways that can help parents that can help vegetable name learning for kindergarten kids. There are some fun games and exercises that can Read more

learning seasons for preschoolers

Seasons Learning Made It Easy For Kindergarten Kids

Seasons are all around us, and every season has its significance. There is beauty in enjoying various seasons. For kindergarten kids, learning seasons is essential  to become aware of seasons from an early age. Every season is beautiful, and as parents, it Read more

vehicles name in english

Identifying modes of transportation for kindergarten kids

Identifying images One of the easiest ways to learn the means of transport for kids is to show them images and memorise the names of modes of transportation. You can make them paste the pictures in a book and repeat the exercise Read more

household things name

Easy way of learning household names for kids for kindergarten

Parents are always worried about teaching various things to their toddlers. There are simple and fun exercises that can help you in teaching household things names to your toddlers.  Pasting pictures One of the first and basic ways of teaching your kids Read more