Fun With Maths- Heavy Or Light

Worksheets for heavy and light

There are many fun activities for kids which they can enjoy. But at the same time, these activities play a huge role in their mental growth and development. Activities like a heavy light worksheet, long-short worksheets, colour identification worksheets etc., help in building their ability to use their mind. Plus, this keeps them occupied with productive things. Worksheets for heavy and light is always a fun and creative session for kids. They love doing it.

Following are some points on how you can do heavy and light activities with your kid:

  • Use objects– You can simply use the objects around your surroundings like toys, fruits, or anything else. Ask your kid which is heavier and which is lighter out of two things of different weight.
  • Place in order– You can also collect 4-5 different items in different weights. Ask your kid to place them in the heaviest to lightest order in weight. This activity will help in teaching the concept of 
  • weight to kindergarten.
  • Watch videos– Sometimes, for better understanding, parents can make their kids learn from videos. This fascinates and indulges the kid. It will keep the kid interested without getting bored.
  • Talk about the surroundings– When you are out with your kids, you can ask them about the heaviest and the lightest object they see near them. It will increase their visual tendency. This is one of the best weight activities for preschool. 
  • Online worksheets– Online worksheets work great for preschoolers. As they can easily learn by sitting at their place. Here both parents and kids can enjoy themselves together by solving worksheet puzzles. In heavy light worksheet preschool, parents can easily involve themselves to guide their kids whenever in doubt.

Above are some of the points about how you can do heavy and light activities with your kid. Kindergarten’ will help you with providing some amazing online worksheets, which will make the learning process easy.