Worksheets for heavy and light

Fun With Maths- Heavy Or Light

There are many fun activities for kids which they can enjoy. But at the same time, these activities play a huge role in their mental growth and development. Activities like a heavy light worksheet, long-short worksheets, colour identification worksheets etc., help Read more

shapes' names

Ways to Teach Kids To Recognize Different Shapes

The parents need to make their kids creatively introduce the different shapes’ names. Their mental ability needs to think about the attributes of objects. Kids can learn to identify and name circles, triangles, squares, rectangles, and ovals. Parents can do this Read more

long-short activities for preschool

Simple Ways to Teach Kindergarten Kids the Concepts of “Long” And “Short”

Sometimes, it can get a bit difficult to teach kindergarten kids about the concepts of “long” and “short” or, more precisely, the concept of length comparisons. The reason is the abstract nature of both these terms. The understanding of the Read more

addition worksheets

How do worksheets help children to learn the concept of addition?

Can you even imagine your life without a simple concept of addition? So, the answer to this can be no because this easy concept will make their children’s life very easy in the long run. In schools, children are taught Read more

subtraction worksheets

Understand the Concept of Subtraction

Right from the starting days of the studies, it is very important to make the concept of mathematics crystal clear  to kids. So, it can help them in the future. One of the most important concepts of mathematics is subtraction. Read more