Ways to Teach Kids To Recognize Different Shapes

shapes' names

The parents need to make their kids creatively introduce the different shapes’ names. Their mental ability needs to think about the attributes of objects. Kids can learn to identify and name circles, triangles, squares, rectangles, and ovals. Parents can do this with the help of a shapes worksheet as well. You can easily get these online for free. They can guess the shapes and play fun games that will keep them engaged.

Following are some of the creative ways to make the kids learn about shapes:

  • Make shapes– Instead of making them directly on paper, you can make them fun by creating them with the help of straws, toothpicks, etc. Ask your kid to make the different shapes themselves using these props. It is one of the best shape activities for preschoolers. 
  • Use objects– You can use things from your surroundings to clear the shape confusion. Tell them about the shape they see in their surroundings. For instance- the table is round in shape; the clock has a square shape, etc. This way, they will get a better understanding.
  • Play a guessing game– You can get some shape blocks from the market for shape activities for toddlers. You can keep them in front of the kid and ask them to guess the shape. Also, praise them when they tell the truth.
  • Drawings– You can make hut or other related things which include 2-3 shapes. You can cut these shapes and ask your kid to join them to make something out of them. It will increase their mental sharpness as well. This activity will make them learn geometric shapes names.

So above are some of the creative ways to make your kids learn about different shapes. With the help of ‘Kinderspecial’, you can make the kids learn about the shape’s name in maths like a triangle, rectangle, square, etc.