Easy Way of Teaching Numbers to Kindergarten Kids

what comes before for kindergarten

Just like alphabets, it is important to teach numbers to kids. Various activities can help parents in teaching their kids numbers up to 10 and improve their counting skills. Counting numbers is a basic math skill that helps your child in learning the order of numbers. 

Many exercises can help you in making your child learn what comes before in numbers.  You can make a number line and put numbers from 1 to 10 on it. 

Now you can make your child learn the numbers by asking them what comes before 4 or what comes before 7. One by one, you can ask them about different numbers as this will help them recall the numbers from 1 to 10. There are special exercises and worksheets for what comes before for kindergarten  that can be revised few times a week so that toddlers can grasp numbers well.

Games and fun activities are a great way of engaging kids and making them learn numbers. There are several questions you can ask your kid to make him/her recall all the numbers. Just like what comes before. You can also ask them what comes after 5 or what comes after 8. 

Yet another exercise is to ask them what comes between 5 and 7 or what comes between 2 and 4. These are simple yet effective ways of making your toddler familiar with numbers. You can ask such questions and make them practice at least a few days a week for revision. 

Once they are familiar with numbers, it would be easier for them to begin learning mathematics in the coming years. 

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