Teaching Kindergarten Kids Meal Names

meals name

One needs to teach small children many things, including meal names. This allows them to learn and know when they are having and explore food as they grow. It is the responsibility of the parent and teachers to impart this crucial knowledge. Parents should introduce new food items to their small children and show them what it is. This way, with each introduction, the small one gets to learn the different types of meals. At school, the teacher can encourage them to learn about the different types of food prepared and available through charts and pictures. There are lots of vegetables and fruits available in the market in the form of picture charts. They are excellent ways to teach children who are sure to love and get excited with their vibrant colours. Also, it becomes important to teach them the need to have healthy food regularly. Healthy food can help strengthen the body, mind and teeth.

Introduce meal names for kindergarten with a story

Children just love to hear stories. It is considered to be the oldest form used to teach and pass down crucial information down the generations before whiteboards and books were introduced. Interesting stories also captivate everyone’s attention. This way, you can also get to know what each child loves to have in their meal. They also get an opportunity to talk about it. You can teach them where these vegetables and fruits come from. 

Play Area to promote food teaching theme

The imaginative play area can help bring life to the story that you plan to tell the kids involving any theme including food. You may assign the boys with active roles like driving a delivery van instead of the passive role of a shopkeeper. For girls, you can encourage them to become the chef and prepare different types of tasty meals. Besides being interesting, this game will also keep them engaged while helping them to learn about different types of meals and preparation. But make sure whatever you choose for the play area should be exciting.

Ideas to consider teaching meal names for kids

  • Kitchen: The children can pretend to prepare different types of meals, using clay or play-dough. 
  • Restaurant: Arrange a couple of tables for dinner. The children can prepare a menu either of their or your choices. You may provide them with an apron, notebook and pencil to jot down the menu that diners might be interested in. 
  • Shop: The small children may decide the shop type to set up to sell and prepare food. 
  • Garden centre: They can be encouraged to grow plants that they can playfully sell to other children who act as their customers. 
  • Picnic area: You may provide some plates, plastic cups, a basket and a rug, along with some picnic food which can be of clay or plastic. 

Encouraging them to converse in English will help develop their skills in this language.