Activities to Learn Fruit Names

As kids grow, they must learn about the names of fruits, vegetables, birds, etc. There are many ways of learning fruits name for kindergarten. It gets easy for the kids to adapt the names of the fruits and other things at an early age. Also, this way, the parents can make their kids know the benefits of eating fruits and include them in their regular diet. Also, kids get induced by learning things which they can eat.

Following are some of the activities for kids to learn fruits name in English:

  • Align the picture with the word– While learning, you can draw the fruits on one side and put the number in front of the drawing. Then cut the little pieces of paper and write the name of each fruit on it. Ask your kid to match the fruit drawing with the names mentioned on the square.
  • Take them shopping– For fruit names learning kindergarten, make sure to take them for grocery shopping so they can see and learn. Ask them to bring a particular fruit and then see how many right fruits they get you. Also, make them correct at that time if they get the wrong fruits.
  • Online worksheets– Online worksheets are a great way for fruits name learning. The graphics and colours will attract the kids and will make them learn easily. The online worksheets will help the kids to retain more.
  • Make a fruit salad– Make your kids learn by making them a fruit salad and ask them to name all the fruits in the salad. It will increase the engagement of the kids while learning fruit names. Also, they will love eating them while guessing the names. 

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