Teaching Preschoolers Body Parts: Know The Benefits

Body Parts

We should teach toddlers many important things related to their bodies and basic needs. This way, they get to know and explore their body parts. Children should learn about their bodies from head to toe by working from worksheets on body parts for kindergarten. It also allows them to be aware of their body, appreciative, and in complete control.As teachers, It is our responsibility to ensure that young children have access to sufficient knowledge. It allows them to reach up to their fullest potential and enjoy more body control. Moreover, there will be fewer chances for facing insecurities or challenges in the long term.


According to the subject experts, adults tend to use their different bkiody parts without even thinking. This act is known as automaticity. It tends to allow the brain to function better at a higher level, plan, multitask, recall information, develop new ideas, and gain knowledge on new information. In short, automaticity can be term as the goal and objective for early childhood development. It is necessary to show the kids that it is the brain that controls the other body parts and their activities. Show them the body parts for kindergarten activities like counting, creating, writing, and reading.

Teach the child how to hold the pencil the correct way first. It is of utmost importance since they should develop the habit of good handwriting at a very early age. The way they hold their pencil also significantly impacts the way they write. Thus, they can develop potential positive behavior, be better engaged in their work, be clear and also get less distracted in their activities.

Identifying body parts

You should show the children the different body parts that everyone has by focusing on each one. They should also be allowed to participate in the activity to locate and determine their body part, one by one. The entire exercise should rather be presented as a fun-filled game rather than a tough chapter. It should be engaging, interesting, and exciting, allowing them to get well versed with their body parts. Therefore, with each body part understood, you can expect children to acquire physical abilities. They also become quite aware of a variety of things that they can explore, see and do. The human body is rather a wonderful toolkit for discovery. Learning body parts for toddlers activities should include touching the nose, ears, head, mouth, legs, clasping hands, back, etc. Also, you should teach the kids to jump and run, swing arms and bend knees, but carefully and safely.

They should also be shown different body parts pictures. Each child should be asked to show their body part that resembles the picture. Repeating the body parts name will allow them to learn it fast and remember them for a lifetime.