Easy Way To Learn Food Names In English For Kindergarten Kids

Food is a vital part of life as it provides nutrients and energy levels. It is important to introduce kids to food items and food names in English from an early age. Children start learning about food from the day they are born. They explore food items with their textures and taste.

Here are simple exercises to teach food names for kids for kindergarten:

  • Meals of the day

You can begin teaching them food names by first helping them learn meals of a day like breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It will help them understand that we eat different types of foods during each meal of the day. It is the first lesson for them to begin.

  • Touch and feel

For identifying different foods and learning their names, let your child touch food items like chapati, rice, veggies, etc. It will help them differentiate the look and texture of each food item. Teach them the name of each item while they explore it.

  • Make them eat various foods

One of the more efficient and easy ways of learning food words for kindergarten is to make them eat those items. Introduce them to the food item and let them eat it. You can ask simple questions like ‘what did you eat and encourage them to answer.

  • Food items on a plate

Place the food items on a plate and ask them to identify roti, dal, veggies, rice, bread, fruits, etc. Repeat this exercise almost daily so that they can remember the names and recall them with fun activities.

It is easy to teach food names to kids; all you need is little consistency and patience. For more educational material to teach food names to toddlers, visit our webpage today.