Easy Ways to Teach Your Preschooler ‘The Five Important Sense Organs’

Sense Organs

It is necessary to instil a sense of smell and sight in kids from an early age since small children are considered excellent learners. The five senses of the human body are touch, taste, hearing, and smell. You can use the hands-on method to give the kids the experience of each sense independently. In this occurrence, you can use some examples that allow the kids to feel and experience.

Teaching the sense of sight

Young children will not understand words very well, so they need to, be taught the sense of sight with the usage of colourful pictures, objects and lights. Select different coloured objects and shapes to introduce preschoolers to places, objects, people, animals, and more around the globe. This allows them to discuss what they get to see and imagine. For brightness and colour demonstrations, it is advisable to use lights. When coloured filters are placed over lights, they can help children to learn about colours. Then turn off and on the lights to make them understand the difference between dark and light.

Teaching the sense of smell

Sense organs for kindergarten need to be introduced when young as they can grasp better and quicker. We may introduce a variety of pleasant and unpleasant smells to them. The latter should include oranges, flowers including other items which allow them to experience different exciting things. Scented markers should be encouraged to draw pictures to describe the markers’ smell.

Teaching the sense of hearing

It should be exposed to preschoolers by using multiple types of music and sound at different volumes. A sound collection can be purchased or developed online. Kids should be allowed to listen to fascinating sounds belonging to diverse objects and then ask what object is making the sound. Next, change the volume from loud to quiet or vice-versa to demonstrate the type of difference exhibited. Now, play the music, but at varying volumes. Ask them whether the music is gentle or loud?

Teaching the sense of taste

Provide them with some sample foods from every taste bud group and ask them to taste them. A lemon can be tasted to understand sour taste, for example. For a salty experience, you can provide them with salted pretzel rods. Dip these rods in chocolate and allow the children to mix the two tastes, sweet & salt. Possibly demonstrate sweet’s groups by different choices like cookies, cupcakes or candy. For bitter taste, you may use examples like spinach, bitter melon and green cabbage etc.

Teaching the sense of touch

Educate them by showing them a picture of sense organs. Allow them to feel different textures and materials. A fabric collection might include satin, silk, burlap, fleece, etc. to teach children the difference between smooth, rough and soft. You might use a rock or cotton to illustrate hard and soft.

Teaching them in English right from a small age will allow them to increase their vocabulary and sentence framing structure.