Identifying modes of transportation for kindergarten kids

vehicles name in english
  • Identifying images

One of the easiest ways to learn the means of transport for kids is to show them images and memorise the names of modes of transportation. You can make them paste the pictures in a book and repeat the exercise a few days a week. 

  • Where they run

After the kid begins to identify the modes of transportation, you can teach them where they run like a plane flies in the sky and a ship runs on water, the train runs on the track, and a bus runs on roads. It will further make it easier to understand means of transport for children

  • Toy vehicles

Kids love to play with toys. You can use toy vehicles to make them learn various modes of transportation. Kids love playing with toys, and it becomes easy to learn while playing. 

  • Ask them where they see a vehicle

You can ask the kids where they have seen the vehicle to help them learn which mode of transportation runs on which route. It is necessary to teach them which vehicle runs on which route. You can also show them vehicles in real life. 

  • By singing songs

Another way of teaching kids is via songs. You can just put car and plane in any lyrics and make the kids learn about means of transportation. Sing the song to kids every day to make a recall about the vehicles and where they run. 

  • Vehicles used for moving from one place to another

You can teach the kid to differentiate between modes of transportation by explaining how few modes of transport run inside the city while others for longer distances. 

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