Seasons Learning Made It Easy For Kindergarten Kids

learning seasons for preschoolers

Seasons are all around us, and every season has its significance. There is beauty in enjoying various seasons. For kindergarten kids, learning seasons is essential  to become aware of seasons from an early age. Every season is beautiful, and as parents, it is your responsibility to make your child learn about them and, most importantly, enjoy them.

  • Show them images

Learning seasons for preschoolers can be made easy by showing them images of the seasons. You can show them the pictures of each season via charts and books. Each season looks different so emphasize that for kids to differentiate. 

  • The right clothes

We dress differently in each season, and that’s how you can teach your child to differentiate between seasons. Explain to them that we wear sweaters and caps in winter, cotton and loose clothes in summers, and raincoats/ umbrellas in the rainy season. 

  • Dos and don’ts of each season

Another way of making a child learn is by explaining season-appropriate behaviour. Explain to them that we don’t step out in the sun and drink cool drinks during summers. We enjoy hot beverages during winters and don’t step out without sweaters. 

  • Games and activities

After making them learn about different seasons, play games with them to recall their memories. Ask them to choose the right specific season clothing. Visuals are an effective way of making your child learn as well as remember. You can also explain to them how trees look in different seasons. 

  • Fruits and veggies

Another way of making kids learn the seasons is by telling them about fruits and veggies available in each season, such as mangoes in summer and apples during winters. 

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