Easy way of learning household names for kids for kindergarten

household things names

Parents are always worried about teaching various things to their toddlers. There are simple and fun exercises that can help you in teaching household things names to your toddlers. 

  • Pasting pictures

One of the first and basic ways of teaching your kids is by showing them images of household items. Then name an object and ask them to paste the picture into a book. Repeating this exercise will help them learn the names of the daily products.

  • Colouring

You can draw a sofa, tables, chairs, television, radio, etc., on paper and ask your child to fill colours in them. While colouring, you can repeatedly ask them the name of the household item they are colouring. It will help them in learning and remembering household items’ names in English.

  • Real-time experience

Another way of helping kids identify things around them is to show them real-life objects and mention each of their names daily. Repeating sentences such as ‘you are sitting on a sofa’, ‘you are eating on a table’, ‘you are sleeping on a bed’ will reinforce the names in their memory. The learning process will become easy. 

  • Craft

Children learn to do some craftwork, and it can be one of the best ways to teach kids via fun exercises. You can make the little sofa, TV, tables, and other objects with chart paper and ask your child to identify them. Craft can be more engaging for kids than books. Doing something new always appeals to them. You can also engage them in the craftwork to keep them interested and make the learning process easier. 

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