Teach vegetable names to kids with simple activities and games

vegetable name learning for kindergarten

For every parent, one of the challenging tasks is to teach vegetable names to their toddlers. There are simple ways that can help parents that can help vegetable name learning for kindergarten kids. There are some fun games and exercises that can help. By teaching vegetable names, you can also make them understand the importance of eating vegetables. 

  • Flashcards

You can make postcards of vegetables and ask their names to kids once every day. It will help them in identifying and recalling the vegetables. 

  • Sorting game

It is an easy way to learn vegetable names in English for toddlers. Just grab some veggies from the kitchen basket. Now name a vegetable and ask your toddler to pick it from the basket. The sorting game is easy and doesn’t require any props, just your kitchen vegetables. 

  • Pretend market

Make your room a pretend market and keep the vegetables on different plates. Now ask your child to imagine he has to buy the vegetables for home. It will again help them in identifying vegetables and pick their favourite ones. 

  • Craftwork

You can buy vegetable charts from stationery and get a plain book. Now name the vegetables one by one and ask the child to paste a picture from the chart in the book. 

  • Food of the day

Introduce a new vegetable every day on your child’s plate and make them learn its name. Help them in learning their taste, shape, colour, and smell so that they know how each veggie is unique. 

  • Paint

You can paint different veggies with your toddler at least once a week. It will help them in recalling the colours of various veggies. 

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