Easy Ways To Teach About Different Festivals To Toddlers

all festivals names in English

Festivals are the time to enjoy and celebrate with friends and family. It is a great idea to introduce kids to the concept of festivals from an early age. Make sure they know about all festivals names in English and become aware of various festivals from childhood. Making them learn the national festival name in English will help them respect all faith and religions. 

  • Stories

Children love listening to stories, and they connect the most with them. You can tell history about the festivals as if narrating a story. You can take the help of some books which will make it easy for the parents.

  • Include them into preparations

You can include them in small preparations such as painting the diyas during Diwali and decorating the Christmas tree during Christmas. When they see and do things on their own, they learn about it.

  • Small celebrations

Try to dress suitably for each festival to let your child know how each festival’s celebration goes. You can also cook themed food at festivals so that they can associate the food items with festivals. 

  • Participation in activities

If your society or school holds celebrations or activities for kids during festive seasons, encourage your child to participate. It is a good way of learning and recalling about any festival. 

  • Festival shopping

You can take your child along with you for festival shopping. Buying sweets, clothes, or decorative items for various festivals will make them curious to explore more about the festival. In addition, it is a way to introduce them to the rich culture of our nation and make them feel a part of the celebration.

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