Difficulties For Kindergarteners in Online Learning

Difficulties For Kindergarteners in Online Learning

by Eshan Kaushik -
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Challenges Faced by Kindergarteners During 


With the advent of pandemic COVID-19, there has been a transformation in the education sector. A vast majority of students who were unable to enter school adopted e-learning. Online education brings with itself a wide range of benefits. The study can now be possible anytime and anywhere in the virtual environment requiring a viewing device and a stable internet connection. With the incorporation of various elements such as gamification, multimedia, audios, videos, animations, and graphics; students tend to more enjoy their learning sessions. Looking at another side, e-learning presents a host of challenges to Kindergarteners. The lack of physical instructor and their peers often demotivates them to concentrate on their studies. They find it hard to get a perfect study environment.

As a parent and a teacher, you need to be very well acquainted with the concerns and challenges that emerge with online learning so that you can do your bit to help kids overcome them. Have a look. 

Lack of physical classroom, teachers, and peers 

In traditional classroom based learning, kindergarteners used to sit and study what is being taught by the teacher in real-time. There used to be fewer distractions, learning behaviour was influenced by the teachers, and kids were inquisitive to learn new things along with their peers. However, in remote learning, the aforementioned things are missing. 

This challenge is not hard to overcome. As a parent, you need to make sure that the space, where your kids are acquiring their education online, must exude a study aura. Every type of distraction must be removed from that space. Try to add the devices and books that foster the learning process of the kids. 

Monotonous subject content

Since learning will take place digitally, therefore there is no room for monotonous course content in e-learning. Expecting kids to be very much involved in text-based learning is impossible. For higher retention of the subject material and increased participation rate; the course content must be in the form of graphics, animations, and videos. The kid’s learning experience should be accompanied by fun elements. 

For example, if a particular subject tends to be boring; you can introduce gamification. By awarding them with rewards and badges, kids get encouraged to complete a particular level and move ahead to accomplish the next. 

Lack of motivation

Often kids experience a lack of motivation during e-learning. With no one around in the virtual world, they start taking things in a lenient manner. No matter whatever the endeavor is, motivation is something that will keep you going in the long run. 

Therefore, to keep kindergarteners involved in their learning for a long time; the parents need to keep their interest alive by showing their own engagement in their kid’s project. Start asking them what they are doing, or how they have planned to do it. If you sense some difficulty, assist them and show them the way to get rid of the problem.  

Unprofessional instructors

Sometimes the e-learning course for kindergarteners is designed and framed by inexperienced and unprofessional teachers. The virtual teacher who is inexperienced in a particular subject matter lacks the ability to format the class and prepare an online session; results in failing the online learning. 

Therefore, in an e-learning class; it should be made sure that the entire content course is designed by a proficient team of teachers who takes the responsibility of conducting seamless virtual class so that every kid learns in an optimum manner. The constant support of the teacher matters a lot in the contentment of the kids. 

Wrapping Up 

The current era is an era influenced largely by e-learning. Though it comes with a multitude of challenges, however, you can’t let them stop yourself from considering the online mode of education. Let your kids know the worth of online learning. How valuable it is in terms of saving time as well as money. It is convenient, purposeful and engaging for kindergarteners. However, due to the lack of physical classroom space, teacher, and their companions; you need to be always there to support them, show interest in their studies and help them get over difficult concepts.


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