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How to Increase the effectiveness of Online Kindergarten Learning & Teaching

Kindergarten is the first step towards the ladder of education. Kindergartners, the children upto 5 years of age are usually brimming with curiosity, innocence, and delight. The devotion level is at peak and they are ready to absorb the knowledge imparted to them. Therefore, to ensure consistency, the teacher must keep them fully engaged. Being face to face, this may not be a daunting task. However, the challenges occur in an online kindergarten learning and teaching where the entire session takes place in a virtual world. 

With the advancement in technology, you can’t neglect the undenying importance of e-learning. No matter which age group it is, online learning has become the need of the era. 

Below there are some practical tips and tricks that are bound to augment the effectiveness of online kindergarten learning and teaching. Have a look. 

Create a Virtual classroom 

Just like your real classroom, you need to create a virtual classroom that encompasses all the necessary elements needed to carry out learning and teaching. It must be inclusive of assignments, communication tools, a library of resources, feedback tools, etc. There must be a room for interaction where parents, teachers, and students can carry out their formal discussion. LMS i.e. Learning Management System is one of the e-learning platforms that can be considered for an effective online learning process. 


Choose Video conferencing and discussion chat methods 

Video conferencing is an amazing way in which the instructor and the learner communicate face to face without leaving the comfort of their home. The hard to understand concepts can be taught in a better way. You can even record the conference and review it later. Secondly, it curtails the expenses incurred on transportation. Discussion chats is another where the interaction between teachers and students take place through discussion boards like Google Classroom, Blackboard, and Canvas, etc. 


Insist on regular communication and collaboration followed by independence 

To make an online kindergarten session successful, it is quintessential to encourage kids communication so that they feel to a part of the virtual classroom. Though after giving clear instructions, they require consistent support, guidance, and feedback that keeps them ongoing. Besides this, allow them to think, plan, and collaborate with other peers. This will bow the seeds of independence in them. 


Allow the kindergartners to do what they enjoy doing 

Never force a task on the kids especially in the case of online learning where the engagement level is hard to establish. Most of the kindergarteners enjoy the content in the form of rhymes, brain games, songs, chants, puzzles, etc. If they are not in a mood to study, let them enjoy these tasks. This will not only delight them but also boost their mental development. Parents will largely appreciate the form of learning which even instils confidence in their kids. 


Manage the online classroom 

Once you have created your online classroom, its time to manage it by paying consideration to a few tips. 

  • Keep the instructions clear, crisp, and easy to understand. 
  • Create interesting assignments that are divided into a number of pieces. 
  • Use audio, graphics, animations, and videos in the content. 
  • Stick to daily and weekly schedules. 
  • Keep on encouraging the students. 
  • Manage online classroom behaviour to make them responsible and sincere online learners. 


Bottom Line 

You might be well acquainted with the fact that though kindergarteners are very energetic, noisy, and brimming with inquisitiveness. But, they find trouble staying at one place for long periods of time. Therefore, online kindergarten content must be engaging, interesting, and crisp enough to grab their attention. The aforementioned criteria’s will be a great aid to keep the eagerness, activeness, and learning alive in the kindergartners. 

We, at Dynamic Pixel Multimedia Solutions, are there to customize e-kindergarten learning content as per the specific requirements and understanding level of your kindergarteners. 

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