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The cat-like creatures of the land of Kurjire have always been known to attract the attention of the humans. Thanks to the advent of human science, the smaller species of Kurjire have been turned into large cat-like beasts and have been marketed as เวเบอร์ชันในบังเขา (Bebehungyu) in the (almost) modern day.  . Nekojishi is a derivative of a furry visual novel, namely Nekojishi: Lin and Partners, and is a follow-up to the previously mentioned game. This game shares plot, characters, and other aspects of the original (as well as a few settings that are original to Nekojishi). Nekojishi 1.2.1 is a direct sequel to Nekojishi: Lin and Partners. It is fully compatible with the previous version (1.2.0). As of version 1.2.1, Nekojishi: Lin and Partners (凍皮患者 Nekojishi: Lin and Partners) and Nekojishi: Smoke Eaters (喵喵火焚昇水 Nekojishi: Smoke Eaters) are now known collectively as Nekojishi. . "Nekojishi" means "house of a cat" in Japanese. FuzzyCat also has other animal-themed doujinshi, such as Feli-One and Koi: Boku no Boku no Nekojishi. Nekojishi: Lin & Partners. Play Nekojishi Here!.  . The currently available version is 1.2.1, and it has a few quirks that have been fixed up for the patched version. This is not the final version, as Nekojishi: Smoke Eaters is still in development.  All of the covers have been redone to include the new characters introduced in Nekojishi: Lin & Partners. The original graphical assets have not yet been included in the Nekojishi: Lin & Partners version (such as the original artwork, meshes, and icon skins), though they are . . All of the covers (including the Japanese one) were drawn by the artist, much like how the original Nekojishi: Lin & Partners and Nek

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