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Online education has completely transformed the educational industry. It has surpassed the traditional class-based learning and has emerged as a mode that develops the child’s brain. However, the engagement of kids in online education can be a challenge. We, at Dynamic Pixel Multimedia Solutions, understand this and have launched a platform with e-kindergarten content that arouses the natural curiosity of the kids to learn and explore more. Our online kindergarten platform is available with interactive activities, game-based content, puzzles, quizzes, printable worksheets, and color activities. We leave no stone unturned in engaging students in distance learning in the best possible manner.

To know in detail, below are some of the creative ways we incorporate to ensure the optimum involvement of the kids.

Interactive study material

To make remote/online learning success, it is quintessential to employ interactive programs to make learning joyous. If your kid is finding a particular topic or subject challenging, you can include the ways that make this interesting and easy to understand.  For an instance, if the child is confronting a hard time in learning maths, this can be taught through Quick Maths, an e-learning application.

Teaching alphabets and numbers in creative ways

Many children are prejudiced against alphabets and numbers. As a way to get them excited about learning new alphabets and numbers each day, you can try an innovative approach. One of the ways is 'Building Words'. With proper guidance, you can ask them to build letters with lego pieces. You can even tell them to repeat thus resulting in quick absorption of the things.

Printed Assessments

Mastering the ways to engage kids in the e-kindergarten platform requires time as well as continuous efforts. Ditch the pencil and paper and get access to the interesting assessment. How this digital assessment is different from the paper-based one? It enlists quizzes, tests, projects, and narrations in the form of videos, audios, images, texts, and graphics. Therefore, it is obvious that children will grasp the information quickly and retain it for a long time.

Web-based learning tools

In this digital era, where everything is technology-oriented, web-based teaching has become a must from the very beginning. Since the impressionable age, kids are taught how to use technology for their studies. Some of the fundamental e-learning applications include Spelling Stage, Science 360, YouTube Kids, PBS Kids Video, Duolingo, etc. These multimedia lessons incorporate fun characters, game-based solutions, and attractive graphics to attract the attention of the kids.

Brain break videos and personalized lessons

The inclusion of some mindful brain break games and activities has proved to augment the engagement rate of the kindergartners. The videos brain breaks of about 3-5 minutes keep them motivated and they continue enjoying their lessons. Similarly, personalized lessons customized as per the requirement and understanding level of each child keeps their interest alive throughout.

Bottom Line

The use of technology in the education of kindergartners can bring out really brilliant results. The approaches like interactive sessions, fun gamed based lessons, and printable assessments are known to soar the engagement rate of the kids. These are undoubtedly more stimulating and motivating.

The kindergarten online content provided by Dynamic Pixel Multimedia Solutions focuses on the all-round development and growth of the kids no matter where the learning takes place.
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